The following artists and albums are currently being featured in our movement classes. We continue to search for the best children's artists and songs with an upbeat message of fun and physical activity. To find out more about these artists click on the links or album photos below. If you would like to recommend a musician please email us.


Wee Wigglers "Going Places"

Our very own lively and energetic album, written with our preschool programs in mind! Full of original tunes masterfully performed by top-notch Canadian artists. Wee Wigglers are the perfect blend of child-like energy and enthusiasm backed by musical sophistication. With a message of movement and physical activity, this album can be part of your family's active lifestyle!

Pick up the CD at our online store, or download tracks at iTunes. You can listen to the tracks from this CD on the player at the top of this site.


Suzi Shelton "No Ordinary Day"

Suzi Shelton is riding on the crest of the "kindie rock" phenomenon with catchy tunes and hip musical style, and is a rising star in the children's music scene. With awards from Parents' Choice, the Children's Music Web, iParenting Media and a 2007 Gold Award from National Parenting Publications, Suzi is gaining national acclaim. No Ordinary Day, produced by Dan Siegler, is a new collection of playful pop-rock tunes reflecting Suzi's insightful songwriting and her band's sonic sophistication, with funky and uptempo rhythms and electronic flourishes.


Bobs and Lolo "Action Packed" and "Musical Adventures"

Bobs and Lolo are dedicated to connecting kids to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. Their catchy melodies and engaging harmonies are sure to inspire activity!


Kira Willey "Dance For the Sun"

Dance for the Sun, inspired by jazz, doowop, bluegrass, and African tribal songs, is more than just great music - it's also a fun way for you and your child to do yoga together. Kids will build strength, flexibility and confidence while having a blast surfing the waves, crawling like a caterpillar, and going on many other musical yoga adventures!The CD includes a beautifully illustrated, instructional booklet, 13 original songs, and 16 Bonus Yoga Tracks.


Kathy Reid Naiman "Sally Go Round the Sun", "Reaching For the Stars",
"Say Hello to the Morning" and "Tickles and Tunes"

Kathy's recordings feature singing games, tickles and knee bounces for toddlers and pre-schoolers. This collection of traditional and newer pieces captures the sense of fun that Kathy brings to her music classes every week. The many styles featured on her recordings include old time, calypso,swing,klezmer,skiffle band,and gentle lullabies.


Jack Grunsky "Playground", "Sing and Dance" and "Like a Flower to the Sun"

Jack Grunsky's name has become synonymous with excellence in children's recordings and performance throughout Canada and the USA. His CD's, videos and publications of teacher's activity guides have received all of the most prestigious awards in children's media, including two Canada's Juno Awards for Best Children's Recording, several US Parent's Choice Gold Awards, multiple placements on the American Library Association's Notable Recording Lists and, most recently, a Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award. Jack's unique, multicultural approach
to music for young listeners and their families incorporates authentic instruments, rhythms, melodies and arrangements which evoke, introduce and emulate music from various origins.


Sue Schnitzer "Wiggle and Whirl"

This album features a wonderful range of folk, traditional and interactive music for children, with influences from around the world. The songs and fingerplays are used by Sue in her own music and movement classes for young children. Includes children singing along on 16 tracks.


Sharon Lois and Bram "Mainly Mother Goose"

Sharon, Lois & Bram are multi-award winning recording artists, selling more than 3 million albums in their 25-year career. They have created and starred in various television specials and two popular television series: Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show, and Skinnamarink TV. They have been invited to perform in every major Canadian concert hall, and
many in the United States including The National Arts Center in Ottawa, Roy Thompson Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Centre, the Kennedy Centre, at New York's Palace Theater and the White House. Most recently, for their significant contributions to the development of children's music, the Trio were appointed to the Order of Canada. But to the many generations
of families across North America that have shared their 25-year journey, Sharon, Lois & Bram will always be the music-makers who invite everyone, babies to grand folks, to be part of the music, to sing and be joyful together.


Raffi "The Singable Songs Collection"

He is known to millions simply as Raffi: a renowned Canadian songwriter and performer, author and entrepreneur, once called "the most popular children's entertainer in the western world" (Washington Post). Your children will love his timeless classics just as much as you did as a child.


Knock Knock English "Super Simple Songs 1,2 and 3"

Created by teachers and tested with kids, the Super Simple Songs CDs are full of songs that can be taught and learned through gesture, allow for lots of movement and physical response, leave appropriate space between verses for introducing new language, and are all at a tempo even very young learners can sing along with. All of this makes them perfect for ESL classrooms, preschools, special needs classrooms, or just for singing along with in the car or at home!